As a general dentist, you see patients with a variety of dental and orthodontic needs. From time to time, you may see patients with a catastrophic need for orthodontics and no possible way to provide for that need. Perhaps their case does not qualify for state-based assistance. Maybe they have special circumstances and would be blessed by help in obtaining a beautiful smile. OrthoCare Missouri was created to help serve the orthodontic needs of YOUR patients and make this new healthy smile possible for them. You may begin that process for them by nominating them for OrthoCare Missouri.

Prospective Nominees


  • Must have been through the conventional new patient process at Uncommon Orthodontics and have exhausted all conventional options to pay for their braces.
  • Must be nominated for OrthoCare by his General Dentist or Specialist.
  • Must be one of your active patients.
  • Must be current on all cleanings and dental work.



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