Who can be nominated for OrthoCare?

Only his general dentist or specialist may recommend a nominee for OrthoCare. The nominee could be anyone that would greatly benefit from orthodontics, but would be unable to do so for financial restrictions, insufficient state-based points or other personal circumstances.

May someone with State assistance (Medicaid/ARKids/SoonerCare) be nominated for OrthoCare?

The state-based points system has great value, so we want to be sure that all of these patients that are eligible for orthodontic coverage have been evaluated previously in our office. If we allow a patient covered by state-based insurance to be accepted for OrthoCare, we effectively remove the possibility for an uninsured but well-qualified patient to be admitted to OrthoCare. Therefore, we ask that only those patients be nominated for OrthoCare that either that are NOT covered by their state-based insurance or have had a full evaluation and are certain that they cannot handle orthodontic treatment in any of the conventional ways.

How many patients may I nominate?

Our OrthoCare system runs ONLY on dentist /specialist referrals. Without them, we would not have those patients-in-need to treat! Therefore we DO NOT LIMIT the number of nominations each dentist submits. [This policy may be subject to evaluation at a later date.]

How will I know the progress of my patient’s acceptance/denial to OrthoCare?

Communication about the patients whom you refer to us is very important, whether it concerns fee for service, state-based insured or OrthoCare patients. Your office will be notified by email once the nominated patient has been contacted and sent their packet of information. As the process continues, we will keep you up-to-date on the progress of the nomination process through your portal on the website by e-mail.

REMEMBER: If a patient does not submit paperwork and is removed from consideration for that quarter, you can ALWAYS re-nominate them, and we encourage you to do so!

Is this a free service or fee-for-service system?

We know that God has blessed our practice and it is our desire to give back to our community. This program is a service to the community and an enormous gift when compared to the standard orthodontic fee; however, it is important to KNOW that the patient is committed to this process. One way they show their commitment is by agreeing to a contract amount of $750.00 [treatment, records and retention] that specifies monthly payments of $25.00 for 30 months. We feel this reasonable amount is something that any committed patient or parent, no matter the age, could afford, and it is used to administer the OrthoCare Missouri program, which is handled independently outside of our office.

My staff and I have some questions. Whom may I contact to help me?

Email is our preferred method of communication, and you may reach the OrthoCare Administrator via email at orthocare@uncommonortho.com.

What things might exclude my patient from treatment?

OrthoCare has been carefully designed to give a fair chance to all nominees. Therefore, your patients MAY find themselves excluded from the process if they step out of the protocol outlined for them. This may involve calling the office, showing up at our location to inquire or make appointments regarding OrthoCare, or not remaining current with cleanings and restorations in your office. If a nominee is excluded, you will be notified when and why they have been disqualified.

REMEMBER: If a patient does not submit paperwork, they will be removed from consideration for that quarter.

What else is important that I need to know?

  • The plan is administered independently and completely outside of the Joplin office
  • OrthoCare is a points-based system designed for maximum objectivity
  • Pro-Bono patients will be provided with the same¬†uncommon excellence received by all patients.
  • There are no age restrictions on the patients.

May I use e-mail to correspond about this process?

Please feel free to communicate with the OrthoCare Administrator via email at orthocare@uncommonortho.com.

How do I make these nominations by Internet?

Please use the form located {here}