Why not, indeed?

Over ten years ago in Arkansas, our team of senior leaders [at Arkansas Orthodontics] expressed a desire to serve patients in the community in a new way: by providing “pro bono” treatments for a pre-determined number of deserving patients. The dialogue began then and after much planning, research and discussion, Arkansas OrthoCare was born. It was designed to serve patients who “fell through the cracks” of the fee for service and the state-based Medicaid system. Perhaps they didn’t have enough points to qualify for orthodontics through Medicaid or maybe there was a catastrophic event in their family, a self-esteem issue or just too many children for everyone who needs braces to have a new smile. Whatever the reason, these patients had a new opportunity for the care they need through Arkansas OrthoCare.

When Uncommon Orthodontics opened in 2014, we intended from the beginning to implement a similar pro-bono plan and adapt it for Missouri; hence, OrthoCare Missouri launched in June of 2016.

The success of this program depends totally on you, the general dentist. Patients are evaluated on a point system which includes, first and foremost, being a patient in good standing [dentally and financially] with you, their family dentist. ONLY you may nominate them; that is the ONLY WAY the process may be started.

We greatly value your professional and personal input and without your assistance, we cannot succeed. It is your simple, confidential referral that will enable us to begin the evaluation process.